Open letter to Parents from your SLP

Dear Parent or Guardian,

If you’re here, you are likely scared. Something doesn’t feel right and you’re here to try and find out what it might be. Maybe you already know what it is, or have your suspicions. But I want to remind you of something… your little one, regardless of diagnosis, is perfect. Your little one regardless of strengths and weaknesses is amazing. Your little one despite the expected milestones is a light and a beautiful gift to this world.

Thank you for sharing your little one with us. Our field, while 100% intended to help, but sometimes it bombards you with all the negatives: all the things your little “can’t” do, everything you have to do, all the literature you need to read and all the doctors/therapists/etc. you need to consult. Sometimes we become so focused on the “plan of action” we forget to take a step back and really relish the amazing little human we have before us.

But don’t worry, that is a job I take seriously. You probably don’t need me to remind you of how amazing your little one is, but it’s something I make a point to do often and when you need it I’ll happily remind you too. Don’t worry we will talk about the hard stuff, we’ll find what we need to work on and work hard on it. But we are also going to celebrate, and we will celebrate A LOT, every little and big success is a reason to celebrate.

We are officially a team, together parents and therapists are now team Kiddo and we will always raise your little one up. When working with me a diagnosis means little, it is simply a word linked to the symptoms we are identifying, it helps guide therapy and sometimes provides access to more therapy. However, ultimately for me it’s about your little one.

What do we need to work on to bring you and your little one more joy, more access to the world, more connections with you, peers, teachers, and/or family. We figure this out together. Your child is more than a diagnosis, they are more than standardized test scores, they are more than tests at school, they are more than bell curves. They are amazing and because we know they are amazing we focus on progress. Give that little one an extra squeeze for me and never let anyone make you feel like that little one by your side is anything less than a shining light. We are the ones who have the privileged to bask in their light so thank you!

Our Speech Garden ❤

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